Sunday, August 2, 2009

Orange Flowers and Lace

Ah, I love the occasional bit of red-orange. I tend to favor cool colors-- greens, turquoise blues and pale lavender shades being my favorites. But every once in a while I need some brilliant red-orange, and when I spotted this yarn (Classic Elite Lush) I knew it was the perfect shade. This specific shade of orange is a bit tricky to find, and when I do, I try to snap it up. I knitted this sweater (Lush and Lacy Cardigan) throughout the winter, but by the time I was finally done, I couldn't bear to seam it up. Two things that do not go well together are hot weather and angora. This winter I'll put it on Ravelry when it's all done.

Zinnias. Need I say more?

And the cute little japanese-inspired calico floral with gold tints. Neither my daughter or I could resist when we spotted it on the red-tag shelf. Maybe some cute little zipper pouches for notions...

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