Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blackberry Picking and a new Belle

Two bits of good news: the blackberries are ripe and wild (=free!) and my new LYS wants me to teach a class on beaded knitting with my Beaded Belle pattern. My kids are delighted by the berries and head out every few hours to pick from the bushes that encircle our yard. We have made a 2 pies so far, and jam is in the plans for next week...

I knit up a sample Beaded Belle for the yarn store to promote the class. It is knit in Tahki Cotton Classic, which seems to hold up so well for beading-- even though the beads hang and rub against the yarn throughout the knitting, this yarn doesn't pill or stretch. This time I used Czech beads instead of Japanese, and although they were half the price (nice) they had twice as many imperfect/too small holes (not so nice.) My perfectionist side delights in Miyuki and Matsuno beads, I have to confess!

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  1. Wow. I am impressed by that beaded bag. I do believe that we have parallel blogs. I was going to blog about my work, but decided instead to blog about my passion. Perhaps knitting and motorcycling have more in common than I realized. Let us know when you are next in Lancaser and Trit and I will see if we can drum up an earthquake to entertain you.